President of Seychelles launches appeal for the protection of the oceans during a speech at 124 meters under the sea

Seychelles President Danny Faure has become the first head of state to speak in favor of protecting the oceans 124 meters underwater.He launched a vibrant call Sunday for concrete actions ... Continue Reading →

Spectacular Africa Cup of Nations draw throws up intriguing groups

Under the gaze of the Sphinx, a spectacular Africa Cup of Nations draw in Giza on Friday night produced an intriguing set of groups that leave many riddles to be answered.After an open-air ... Continue Reading →

President Faure makes historic address from 120 metres below the ocean surface

President Danny Faure became the first Head of State to undertake a submersible dive today, where he delivered a live address from a depth of 124 metres below the ocean surface. This ... Continue Reading →

Described as ‘paradise,’ Felicite Island in Seychelles wins sustainable destination award

Seychelles' Felicite Island was named the second-most sustainable destination in the Best of Africa category at the 2019 Top 100 destination awards.The island, which is home to the ... Continue Reading →