President Faure Visits Religious Dominations On International Day of Tolerance

[Government of Seychelles] To commemorate International Day of Tolerance, President Danny Faure visited various religious denominations this morning. The visits form part of President ... Continue Reading →

Seychellois children to fish during a national junior tournament

Seychellois children get the chance to go fishing in a national junior tournament set for this weekend. The tournament - open for kids between 4 and 16 years - is the largest and only ... Continue Reading →

African Union lets SADC bloc take lead on Zimbabwe

The African Union will allow Zimbabwe's southern neighbors in the SADC regional bloc to mediate in the political crisis there, a senior official told reporters after talks in Washington.Smail ... Continue Reading →

Seychelles-flagged vessel fined $ 41,000 for illegal shark fin haul

A Seychelles-flagged Taiwanese fishing vessel has been fined after being caught with shark fins earlier this month by a regional fisheries surveillance team within the island nation's ... Continue Reading →

Critics hit US over elephant trophy imports

The administration of US President Donald Trump faced a barrage of criticism on Thursday from animal rights groups after it authorized the import of Zimbabwean elephant hunting trophies.The ... Continue Reading →