UNODC, Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network of Southern Africa meet to discuss national strategies

30 June 2017 - Illicit trafficking is among the most challenging forms of crime in Southern Africa. As an integral part of organised crime networks, illicit trafficking facilitates ... Continue Reading →

Nomination of Two New Ministers

[Government of Seychelles] President Danny Faure has this morning written to the Speaker of the National Assembly, seeking the approval of the National Assembly, in accordance with ... Continue Reading →

Press Releases: Seychelles National Day

On behalf of the people of the United States, congratulations to the people of Seychelles as you celebrate the anniversary of your independence on June 29th. The United States values ... Continue Reading →

Want a Comfy Ride to Seychelles? Qatar Airways Named Best Airline

[Seychelles News Agency] An airline that makes regular flights to Seychelles - Qatar Airways - has been awarded the ranking of top airline in the world for 2017, while Seychelles' national ... Continue Reading →