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US hits Russia with sanctions for election meddling

Donald Trump's administration levied sanctions against Russia's top spy agencies and more than a dozen individuals Thursday for trying to influence the 2016 US presidential election ... Continue Reading →

Global biodiversity ‘crisis’ to be assessed at major summit

Earth is enduring a mass species extinction, scientists say -- the first since the demise of the dinosaurs and only the sixth in half-a-billion years.The reason? Humanity's voracious ... Continue Reading →

Appointment of Acting Chief Justice

[Government of Seychelles] Following the recommendation of the Constitutional Appointments Authority, and in accordance with Article 128 (1)(b) of the Constitution, President Danny ... Continue Reading →

10 Amazing Things That Set Silhouette Island Apart From Other Island Resorts

[Seychelles News Agency] Silhouette is the third-largest granitic island of Seychelles -- an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean. Continue Reading →

Seychellois Facebook Food Group Launches Own Recipe-Filled Website

[Seychelles News Agency] A Seychellois Facebook cookery group - 'Ki Menu Tanto' - that promotes the culinary endeavours of its over 23,000 members has launched its own website. Continue Reading →